A new key priority for Ecotrade Group

A new key priority for Ecotrade Group

 A key priority for Ecotrade Group in 2017 is to implement a program of humanitarian support.

 With recycling at the heart of Ecotrade activity we understand the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and now we have decided to take Ecotrade to a new level of humanitarian aid.


 Our first donation was made in May 2017…
We contacted a Cambodian orphanage association, in order to learn more about their current projects and especially their urgent needs.The association invited our PDG and one of our interns to visit the orphanage in order to learn more about their function and the main goal of the association - to bring life-saving values to some Cambodian boys.
The association hosts young boys from 6 to 16 years old, either orphans or children from disadvantaged areas. Through education, meditation and the discovery of Buddhist values, the head monk tries to suggest a different way of life, a different way to perceive life. The boys may, if they wish, choose a monastic life.
Our first donation consisted of providing educational books, some non-perishable goods for their living space, and also a $400 bank check to support urgent needs.

 The association also has other projects to support, and to fund. One of the most urgent and important expenses to come will be to replace children’s old beds. In addition, they plan to extend the living space in order to host more children and to build a new pagoda for mediation.

 It is only a start for Ecotrade Group and a main goal is to create a humanitarian division within the firm. Other internal projects are emerging.

Any other proposal is welcome. Please contact-us.