We are always interested in developing further our network of partnerships. Ecotrade Group is looking to develop franchise all around the world - if this is of interest to you, whatever your location, please get in touch with us at

Our Concept

Since 2006, Ecotrade Group has been involved in the preservation of the planet by recycling used catalytic converters. Through the recycling of catalysts, we recover platinum group metal to contribute to the sustainability of both the automotive industry, and the environment.

Some Figures

2006: creation of the Group

2010: launch of the first franchises

13: number of franchises

An Environmental Future

By joining Ecotrade Group, you are committed on our side to fight against global warming and save the planet. The natural resources are exhausted day by day; it is high time to mobilize to safeguard them. So, if you want to be a player in environmental protection, join us!

Top 5 Reasons for joining Ecotrade Group


A global network

Ecotrade Group is expanding across all continents with a growing number of franchises because we believe in our network and experience.


A profitable investment

With a contribution of only 2000 euros to integrate into our group, you will reach your return on investment within a couple of months.


An win-win agreement

We provide you with many resources and marketing tools (customized website catalogue, mobile app, communication tools) to give your business the best opportunity.


A long-term support

Through our experience, we will train you on the job and also ensure continuous training throughout your development.


A growing buisness

Platinum group metals are becoming more and more scarce. It is now obvious that recycling will be at the heart of the issue in the 21st century.

Required Profile

We are not looking for people with a defined profile. However, some skills are needed to open an Ecotrade franchise:

  • Knowledge of the automotive industry and/or recycling
  • Available premises
  • Basic computer skills
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Business knowledge
  • Management skills

The route of the franchisee

Step 1: 1st contact corresponding to the discovery of franchised potential

Step 2: Exchanges on the economic model and the viability of the project

Step 3: Construction and definition of the project

Step 4: Signature of the contract between the two parties

Step 5: Training of the franchisee and availability of different tools (personal website, data base access…)

The tools of a franchisee

  • A personalized website - An in-country website (in the country language) with full access to the customer database. Complete customer management of the country in which the franchise is located. News and blog posts in the language of the country will be produced on a regular basis to feed the content of the website. This content will be adapted to each franchisee according to his needs and desires.
  • Customer management - Ecotrade has a list of global customers enabling it to create business throughout the world. The franchisee will have access to the company's Customer Management software, enabling it to manage its customer accounts and customer purchase orders ("baskets").

  • A mobile application - Ecotrade group has developed a mobile application (for iOS and Android). This application allows access to our catalog in a fast and effective way.

  • Marketing tools -  Through our experience, we offer franchisees the opportunity to activate different marketing tools to develop the business. Indeed, Ecotrade can help you carry out the different campaigns of communication (Google Adwords, Emailing campaigns, Community Management, SEO, SEA)


To summarize, we offer access to our catalog containing a list of global customers, continuous assistance through a hotline by our experts and a high visibility on social networks, newsletters, advertisements, ... You will also own your website with content specific to your franchise as well as a mobile app downloadable under Android and iOS.

Financial data

Upon registration, the franchisee will pay 2000 € entrance fee. This fees represent the creation of the personalized website as well as training for the franchisee. Thereafter, two two kind of commission are possible. Either the franchisee chooses to pay a fixed monthly rent, or chooses to pay a fixed percentage of its turnover.


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