BASF Equipment

8 Mar 2019 0 comments

basf-equipmentThe Seneca is a South Carolinian specialized recycling site. It recycles precious metals from scrap catalytic converters for BASF’s global production. Thus, it deals with end-of-life automative and chemical cats; ensuring the recycling of Palladium, Platinum and Rhodium metals.

BASF’s headquarters are located in Florham Park, in New Jersey and they are dominating the headlines thanks to the completed installation and startup of a new high-performance recycling engine. The new equipment is located at the Seneca, South Carolina. The company ensures that it will allow to double the plant’s productivity as soon as the engine will take action.

They use the Seneca plant to recycle the scrap catalytic converters; ensuring the recycling of PGM's metals.

“Our investment in this high-performance equipment allows us to increase precious metals recycling at the Seneca site to meet growing market demand. This also supports our strategy to offer superior quality in our recycling services” declared David Freidinger, as BASF vice president.

The catalytic converters recycling industry is one of the largest PGM resource. It accounts for the half of the world’s annual mining resources. Recycling a catalytic converter allows to be eco-friendly and to earn serious money. Recycling creates a sustainable resource for the limited resources such as Rhodium, Palladium or Platinum. Thus, the startup of the new equipment would allow to double this recycling process and so, increase the resources availability.


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