Palladium over Platinum

8 Mar 2019 0 comments

palladium over platiniumFor the first time since 12th September 2001, precious metal experts are forecasting that, by mid-2018, the price of Platinum will fall below that of Palladium, or, at the very least be on a par.

This is due more to Platinum’s weakness rather than any specific strengthening of the Palladium market, with the latter also not performing particularly well. Just 2 months ago, we wrote about Palladium’s uncertain future in this article. There is nothing to suggest an upturn in 2018, unless the new technologies provide with a sufficient momentum. Indeed. The palladium highly serve in new high-technologic components.

For the future, we believe that the automobile market will have the biggest influence on the PGM market - with Palladium used in gasoline-powered engines, and Platinum in diesel engines, the relative demand for the two engine types will be the key determinant of future market performances. As we know for now, diesel will only serve in power engines such as trucks. That’s why Ecotrade is betting on a drop in platinum demand.


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