Pre-paid shipping service


Any individual or professional can sell us catalytic converters by postal service thanks to our pre-paid shipping service set up for all our partners in Europe.

All you have to do is create your cart with our online catalogue, print the shipping label, wrap your catalytic converter(s) with your own box, stick the shipping label on it then drop off the parcel at your nearest postal service!

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Unlimited access to the Ecotrade's Catalog


If you do not want to sell us your material, we offer full, unlimited access to the Ecotrade's Catalog and a customer support by email to identify your cats.

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Ship us your catalyst

ship catalyst

At Ecotrade we are very experienced in handling the receipt of goods through Bangkok port, and direct shipping from country of origin is often the most cost-effective transaction. This means that, together with our FREE de-canning service, all customers need to do is pack the catalytic converters, complete the paperwork, and leave the rest to us!

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Cat Sampling


Ecotrade have invested heavily in cutting edge technology that is designed, in conjunction with laboratory analysis, to precisely measure, to an extremely high level of accuracy, the precious metal content in any batch of catalytic converters. Customers who wish to manage their own refining and trading process can make use of our facilities, knowing that our results are highly dependable. As one of the leading recycling exponents in the East, and the only company in South East Asia with this technology, we are fully equipped to manage any sampling requirements.

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