Shipping conditions

At Ecotrade we are very experienced in handling the receipt of goods through Bangkok port, and direct shipping from country of origin is often the most cost-effective transaction. This means that, together with our FREE de-canning service, all customers need to do is pack the catalytic converters, complete the paperwork, and leave the rest to us!

shipping conditions
Our “Ship to Us” service is only applicable on bulk deliveries of over 200 Kg and only for goods to be processed at our Bangkok recycling facility.

Goods must be packed in securely-lidded metal drums, for consignments up to 400 KG, or bulk bags/jumbo sacks/elephant sacks for larger shipments. These then need to be securely loaded to fit-for-purpose wooden or plastic pallets using rope, straps or shrink-wrap fastenings in order to remain stable throughout transshipment.

For each consignment, the following information must be provided:

  • Customer name/identification
  • Details of contents, if multiple pallet delivery
  • Gross and net weight

Ship to us SERVICE brochure

Invoice & Packing

These templates are provided to ensure the process is seamless and efficient :