Terms of Use



Before using Ecotrade Services (see below - “Services”) you should read and accept our Terms of Service (see below - “Terms of Use”). By becoming a User (see below - “User”) you are agreeing to respect the current “Terms of Use”.

This agreement becomes effective by ticking “I have read and accept the terms of conditions of use” statement on the Registration Form. Without this agreement, you cannot complete registration and will not have access to the services available on the Ecotrade App.

These rules have been written according to law, in order to protect User freedom and to provide a high quality internet service.

If you do not agree or you do not accept the complete present Terms of Use, please do not use our services.




Subscription: Subscription allows you to access all the Services on the website and app as is defined in the present article.

Ecotrade Group: is defined as the company Ecotrade Group, North America LLC. The company offices are located at. 2915 Ogletown Road, 19713, NEWARK, DELEWARE, registered under the number 5501433.

User account : is defined as the private account of every User that has access with private and confidential username and password.

Services: are defined as the search settings available on the app Catalog.

Site: Website available at this address www.catalyticconverterrecycling.com




The Ecotrade Website is available at www.catalyticconverterrecycling.com and its use is in recognition of United States of America law. The use of this site is administrated by these terms and conditions. By using this website, you are admitting to knowing and accepting the present terms and conditions. These can be modified whenever the company wishes and without notification.


2.1 Subject Services


The Website and the App are only for Users. Every User can search on our catalog to estimate the value and the buying price of scrap catalytic and sell online with our prepaid shipping service.


2.2 Download Terms


Users and others who are interested can download the App for free on their smartphone or tablet.


2.3 Terms before Subscription


The User guarantees the sincerity and veracity of the information provided and engages himself to regularly update it via his User Account. Automated Account creation and / or use of a fake or fraudulent ID is prohibited.

The User commitment is effective by ticking “I have read and I accept the Terms of Use” at the bottom of the registration form. Without this commitment, the User cannot acquire registration and access to our Services.

Upon registration validation of the User and Terms of Use acceptance, a message of registration confirmation is sent to the email address entered by the User at registration.




3.1 The Pass Search Credits


The Pass 30 Search allows access to “Services” via the Website and the App for 365 days for 30 searches on the catalog (by reference and car brand).

One validated reference search will use one Credit Search.

The Pass 30 Search costs nine dollars and ninety cents (9.90 USD) and allows the User 30 searches.


3.2 Subscriptions


Users App can also access Services with Subscription, useable via App and Website, with all taxes included in the prices shown bellow :

Silver Subscription is a one month fixed term contract extendible for a monthly price of eighteen dollars and ninety cents (18,90 USD) payable in one sum at the time of subscription and at each renewal. This subscription offers unlimited access to our Website Services and our search tool. In cases of offer renewal, the payment is completed on the same day.

Gold Subscription is a one year fixed term contract extendible for a yearly price of one hundread forty-nine dollars(149 USD) payable in one sum at the time of subscription and at each renewal. This subscription offers unlimited access to our Website Services and our search tool. In cases of offer renewal, the payment is completed on the same day.


3.3 Automatic renewal


Subscription is renewable by tacit agreement in all Terms and Conditions by the arrival of a new term, namely: 

1 month for 1 Silver Subscription;

1 year for 1 Gold Subscription;

The renewable by tacit agreement can be expressly denounced by the User with an email sent to sales@ecotradegroup.com at least 7 days before subscription end. The User declares knowledge and acceptance of these conditions. Subscription will not be renewed by tacit agreement


3.4 Right of withdrawal

Any purchase of Research Credits or Subscription is final once the purchase has been validated under the legal conditions, and the download has begun. The purchase of Research Credits does not give the right to a withdrawal period. This is the Supply of Service(s) whose execution begins with the agreement of the consumer before the end of the period of seven clear days.




4.1 User Rights


Ecotrade Group grants Users the right to access and use the Services, through the creation of a User Account in a personal capacity, for the sole purpose of allowing Users to benefit from the Services subject to compliance with the following:

In compliance with Law No. 78-17 of 6 January 1978 as amended in 2004, relating to data, files and freedoms, the User has the following rights:

Right to obtain the communication, rectification or deletion of personal data

In accordance with Articles 39 and 40, any User of the Application has the right to obtain the communication and, where appropriate, the rectification or deletion of his personal data.

In accordance with the second part of Article 39, Ecotrade Group can oppose manifestly unfair applications, in particular by their number, their repetitive or systematic nature.

Right to oppose the processing of personal data

In accordance with Article 38, any User has the right to oppose, for legitimate reasons, that personal data concerning him / her are processed.

In order to exercise these rights, the User must contact the Support of the Application at the following address: support@ecotradegroup.com


4.2 User Obligations


When subscribing to our services and when the App is used, the User engages himself / herself to:

  • Respect laws and regulations in force
  • Not make false statements;
  • Respect intellectual or industrial property rights;
  • Not to harm the Services or the Site;
  • Refrain from any commercial or advertising use of the Application;

The User may not assign any rights or obligations under this Agreement without the prior written consent of Ecotrade Group.




5.1 Obligations of Ecotrade Group


Ecotrade Group undertakes to provide Users with a service that complies with the rules of the art and the law.

However, in the event of suspension of access to the Services due to a computer failure or in the event that it is impossible to use the Services as a result of Ecotrade Group during the term of the Subscription, it will be automatically extended, for the benefit of the User for a period equivalent to that of the suspension of the Services.


5.2 Responsibility of Ecotrade Group


Ecotrade Group is not responsible for the compatibility of users' terminals.

Ecotrade Group does not guarantee that the Services will be usable in the event of a failure of the User's Internet Service Provider, or in the event of non-functioning or poor access conditions caused by congestion on the Internet, or for other reasons external to Ecotrade Group and its service providers, or when the result of “force majeure” as defined by the French courts.




6.1 Personal data collected by Ecotrade Group


Information submitted is kept secure; only authorized employees of Ecotrade, and its agents and contractors, have access to this information.

Third party data that is collected and processed is considered personal data of a private nature, and thus protected:

  • Email-address ;
  • Postal address;     
  • Name and surname of the User;
  • Bank details

We continuously review the latest technology for security purposes.


6.2 Geolocation


The mobile phone of the Users is geo-localized only on the express condition that the User accepts this and that he does not withdraw his consent.

The User's consent to the geolocation of his mobile phone is given by the downloading and activation of the Ecotrade Group App on his mobile phone and acceptance of these Terms.

Once the consent has been obtained, the user's status changes to "Allowed to geolocation".

Users may withdraw this consent via the "configuration" tab on their mobile phone.

In any case, the User is informed that the geolocation of his / her iPhone mobile terminal can be completely disabled at any time either by uninstalling the application or by setting the mobile platform to prevent the application from accessing the GPS data.

The geolocation is in principle carried out instantly: however, Ecotrade Group cannot be held responsible for any delay in obtaining a geolocation, regardless of the cause.




All content included on this website, such as graphics, images, texts, videos, animations, sounds, logos, gifs and button icons as well as their formatting is the property of Ecotrade, except for brands, logos or content belonging to partner companies or authors.

You may not scrap, reproduce, distribute, modify, adapt, retransmit or publish, even partially, any of these elements without Ecotrade Group’s express written approval. Representation or reproduction, by any means, is an illegal counterfeit. Non-respect of this prohibition constitutes counterfeit and can engage the civil and penal liability of its author. Owners of the copied content may intend legal action. Similarly, Ecotrade Group is the owner of the‘’Databases Producers Rights’’ related to copyright and database. For any information or authorization request, please contact us at media@ecotradegroup.com. Special conditions are established for the press.




Information on this website is as accurate as possible and the website is regularly updated, but may, however, contain inaccuracies, omissions or gaps. If you find any inaccuracy, mistake or anything that looks like a dysfunction, please inform us by email (support@ecotradegroup.com) describing the problem as accurately as possible (page, action, computer, internet browser etc.). All downloaded content is provided at the user’s own risk and under its sole responsibility. As a consequence, Ecotrade Group cannot be liable for any damage suffered by the user’s computer or for any data loss following the download.

Photos are non-contractual.

Hyperlinks set up within the website pointing to other resources on the Internet cannot engage Ecotrade Group liability.




Ecotrade Group may modify or supplement unilaterally these Terms when changes are intended to bring technical improvements to the Site and Services or to adapt the Terms to current legislation, case law or business practices. The use of the Services by the User, after the coming into force of the modifications, is understood as a tacit acceptance of the Terms.

Any modification of the Terms affecting the rights and obligations of the User will be notified by Ecotrade Group, via the Site, the Application or by email, at least thirty (30) days before its entry into force. If the User refuses such an amendment, he must notify Ecotrade Group of his refusal within thirty (30) days, the Contract then ending on the expiry of the said period. It is the responsibility of the User to regularly inform himself of any other modification of the content of the Terms. The User may consult the current Terms and Conditions and check any changes to their content on the Site. The use of the Services by the User, after expiry of the notice period of the envisaged modifications, implies that the latter accepts the new conditions.

All modifications replace and cancel previous stipulations as soon as they have been accepted expressly or tacitly by Users.

The User may at any time terminate the Agreement.




10.1 Termination


The User may also request the termination of his account, his subscription, and his services by email to sales@ecotradegroup.com

To cancel a subscription, the request must be made by email to sales@ecotradegroup.com  no later than 7 days before the arrival of the expiration of the subscription


10.2 Exclusions


Ecotrade Group reserves the right to withdraw access to the site catalog from a User without giving any reason or justification. The terminated Account is permanently destroyed. The User will no longer be able to access his Account or use the Services of the Application.

The Account being destroyed, the data entered by the User will no longer be communicated to the latter subject to the provisions of Decree 2011-219 of 25 February 2011 relating to the retention and communication of data allowing the identification of any person contributed to the creation of online content.




These Terms apply cumulatively with the Terms of Use of the Site, which the User expressly accepts.

These Terms are subject to US law, the language of interpretation of these Terms is the English language. Any dispute arising from the execution of these Terms of Use or in relation to these Terms will be submitted to the competent courts in the United States.

If one or more stipulations of these GCU were declared void pursuant to a law, a regulation or following a final decision of a competent jurisdiction, the other stipulations will retain all their strength and scope provided that these TOS are not distorted, and that this does not lead to a significant imbalance of obligations to the expenses of the parties.

The lack of action of Ecotrade Group or its partners in respect of a breach of the User or that of others can not constitute a waiver of the right to act in the case of similar breaches or subsequent to these Terms.